Health Information Technology, Geographic Information Systems & Android


I am a biomedical engineer expert in the “Digital Health” Technology Assessment.
My current field of interest, as researcher at C.N.R. (Italian National Research Council), is to use satellite technologies and web 2.0 for supporting the agricultural sector in Lombardy.
The SPACE4AGRI project aims to use Earth Observation (space, air and in situ) to support the regional system and the main stakeholders in the planning and management of the agricultural sector in Lombardy.

As researcher at  Scientific Institute San Raffaele Hospital, I was involved in the development of TPAAS, an innovative health records manager platform based on TCloud, a trustworthy clouds for internet-scale critical infrastructure.

As freelancer, I’m interested in develop applications for smartphones and Android tablets.

I work with  Novasemantics for the development of web applications  with particular reference to the issues of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ and ‘Knowledge engineering’.